Remote Tech Support

What is Remote Tech Support?

Remote tech support uses remote support tools to provide a technician the ability to connect remotely to a computer, no matter where the computer is in relation to the technician. The great part about remote tech support is that you can have a certified technician support your business IT needs even from a different state. You no longer have to wait for someone to arrive at your company to correct the problem. This provides you fast remote tech support because it is all in real time. As soon as there is a problem, a technician could access your computer and network remotely to figure out what is wrong and even fix it. The only requirement is that you have an internet connection for the technician to be able to remotely access your computer.

You will also need to have a piece of software downloaded onto your computer that provides access to the technician. You also have to click a button that allows the technician to access your computer, so they cannot be remotely connected without your approval. In addition to being able to see what is happening on your computer, the technician can also take control of your computer and navigate around it. Oftentimes, the technician is able to quickly identify and fix the problem. The only limitation to fast remote tech support is they are not able to fix hardware problems. Those issues can only be resolved with the technician onsite, but a remote technician can determine if the problem is related to hardware. In The Machine offers national remote tech support to address concerns such as updates, virus protection and scans, spyware and temp file clean up, defragmentation of hard drives, and so much more.