What We Do

In The Machine is an IT Company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We cover the Greater Brisbane area, out to Ipswich, and down to Tweed in Northern NSW. Basically anywhere within 2 hours drive of the Gold Coast.

We specialise in IT Support, IT Services, IT Solutions, IT Consultation and more. If it is related to technology we are confident we can assist you, or at the very least point you in the right direction. In The Machine is a no fix, no charge service.


Servicing both home and businesses, we can help with troubleshooting and repairs to get you back up and running, or get you set up with a shiny new system or solution.

In addition to local on-site support for those on the Gold Coast and surrounds, we also offer remote support. Many issues can be resolved over the phone, or with remote support software.

For sizeable projects we can spec up a system (eg. network, fleet of PC's), configure them and send to the clients location with simple instructions for a tech-savvy individual or team to plug in on-location.


Windows 10 PC, Mac, IOS (iPad/iPhone), Routers, Switches, Surveillance Cameras, Access Control, NUCs, Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, SSD's, Graphics Cards (GPUs), Central Processing Units (CPUs), Motherboards, HDD's, Network Adapters, TV's, A/V, Cinema, Stereo, Receivers, Speakers, NAS, DAS, Firewalls, DNS, DHCP, Raspberry Pi, Websites, EFTPOS, Installs, Projects, Configuration, Calibration, Setup, Repairs, Refurbish - we do it all.

Brands we support include: Intel, Dell, Asus, Microsoft, Apple, AMD (including Ryzen), Synology, QNAP, Ubiquity, Edgemax, Unifi, Razor, LG, Samsung, Sony, Epson, Panasonic, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, Gigabyte, ASROCK, Antec, AOC, Corsair, Belkin, Cisco, BenQ, ROG, Crucial, Brother, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Cooler Master, Shure, Allan & Heather, D-Link, Elgato, Edifier, Fractal Design, Fujitsu, Fujifilm, Galax, G.Skill, HP, JBL, ElectroVoice (EV), MSI, Netgear, NZXT, Nvidia, Noctua, Philips, Pioneer, RODE, Sandisk, Thermaltake, TP-Link, Thrustmaster, FANATEC, Next Level Racing, Toshiba, Veiwsonic, Western Digital, Zerbra, Yealink and many more.


If you need a custom gaming PC built and set up, a new phone system, a complete network including WiFi, a printer installed - anything tech-related we can assist with.

We can assess your needs and design a system to suit your use-case and workflow. We quote, supply, install and set up systems.

The benefits and efficiencies a customised IT system can provide are invaluable. The increased performance of a new system can boost efficiency, reduce the demoralisation and frustration that clunky systems result in, reduce downtime, and improve security.


Time is money for businesses. A few minutes per day of wasted time, over several staff members, really adds up. Not only do you lose wages on wasted time, you also lose out on their potential earnings too!

Contact In The Machine today by filling in the contact form. Or you can email or call us!

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