How Secure is Your Network?

Who of us has NOT received a suspicious email, posing as a well known company, asking us to click on a link and enter our account details? This is known as Phishing, a type of social engineering scheme playing on people's lack of knowledge and education on cybersecurity.

People who fall victim to these simple Phishing attacks may not even realise it, and consequences may not be noticed for weeks - if ever.

Let's say the Phishing scam email is pretending to be from Microsoft, so you provide your Microsoft login details - email address and password. Now, is it ONLY your Microsoft login you've compromised? How many other services do you use that same email and password combination with? What prevents the sender of that malicious email from using your login details on other services? Imagine how much damage could be inflicted if they gained access to your online banking, or your iTunes account - your finances, photos, notes, messages all laid bare...


The majority of cybersecurity breaches are due to 'user error', as exemplified above. Most users of the internet have not received any education on the dangers of Cyberattack or how to reduce the risks. But even cautious users are still at risk.

There are a plethora of techniques cybercriminals use to compromise security. In The Machine provides services for all things tech-related, including printers.

Recently we have seen a dramatic rise in cyberattacks, and one of the ways they can access your network is through your printer. Just last week we gained a new client when they noticed their printer spitting out pages and pages of garbled characters. On investigation, we noticed WAN IP addresses (outside connections) connecting to the printer using a Tor (Onion) network. Obviously the cyber-attacker was attempting to remain anonymous. We were able to patch the breach and offer advice on what to do next.


Another concern is to do with other companies security! How many websites and services are you trusting your login details and personal information with? We have no control over how they handle and secure our data. If you use the same password across multiple accounts, your information may already have been leaked by another company through no fault of your own or the security worthiness of your own network. It's a scary thought.

You know now that cybersecurity is on the rise and presents a real challenge even for everyday home users and businesses. Why? One reason is that they are easier targets than large companies who take care to make sure security is tight. True, large companies do sometimes fall victim to ransomware attacks where cybercriminals lock companies out of their own systems and demand large sums of money to return control. However these are much bigger crimes and much more challenging to pull-off. Home users and small to medium businesses however are comparatively easy targets.


So what are we to do? It is impossible to completely remove all cybersecurity threats as they are continually changing and evolving, but we can make ourselves much harder targets by reducing our attack surface and improving our security posture. In The Machine provides consulting and solutions for those wanting to make themselves safer against cyberattack.

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In addition to configuring your network and devices to best defend against attack, we provide invaluable education and resources to users to help prevent the common 'user error' breaches. We can set you up with password management software to generate and store random, complicated passwords for each of your different online logins. Also, we can increase security and privacy by using a VPN service.

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