Don't allow yourself or your business to become a statistic - Get a Network and Security Audit to help keep your private information and finances safe. Cyberattack is an ever-increasing threat. People think it will never happen to them, but it happens to someone and it could be you.

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In The Machine provides IT Services, Solutions and Consultation for clients both at home and in small to medium businesses. 

Protect yourself from cyberattacks. Improve your network speed and reliability. Set up network attached storage and redundant backups. Set up surveillance cameras. Implement access control. Switch over to VOIP phones. Get help choosing the right equipment for you and your business. Build a professional website with a domain, hosting and email.

We provide support and solutions for all things technology and IT related. Some customers already know what gear they want, they just need someone to set it up. Others want end-to-end workflow solutions. With affordable prices and expert advice, In The Machine has your back.

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